Fetal Development

Learn how your baby grows throughout pregnancy with our collection of articles about Fetal Development, Labor and Birth, Miscarriage and Stillbirth, and Cord Blood Banking. You can explore the world of the unborn child though our online photo tour of fetal development.

Stages Of Development

Every pregnant mom wants to know more about how her baby is developing. Fetal Development will give you a helpful overview of your baby's growth during its nine months inside your belly. You can also take an in depth look, look at amazing detailed pictures in First Trimester Fetal Growth, Second Trimester Fetal Growth, and Third Trimester Fetal Growth. These exquisite photos will give you a clear picture of just what your baby looks like throughout your pregnancy. You may also want to consider renting or buying a fetal doppler for home use, which will allow you to monitor your baby's development in between prenatal appointments.

Genetic Disorders

Genetic defects and disorders are a concern of many parents. For this reason, prenatal screening allows for the detection of certain genetic disorders.  Find out more about how genetic disorders are transmitted from parent to child and what you can do to find out if your baby is at risk for developing these types of disorders.  

When Are You Due?

One of the biggest worries in a mother-to-be's mind is "What will my labor exprience be like?" To help get rid of some the questions, consider creating a birth plan for your due date. And if you're not sure just when you're due, then try out our Due Date Calculator! To learn more about how your due date is calculated, read Pregnancy Due Date.


As your pregnancy advances, you'll likely start to wonder what labor will be like. Signs of Labor will help you recognize when labor is set to begin while The Stages of Labor explains what happens during birth. You may also want to read up on labor medications so you know what your options are should you choose to use pain relievers during your delivery. Starting labor too early can be problematic for both you and baby, though, so be sure to know what the signs of preterm labor are.

Planning For Your Labor

If you're having a vaginal birth, it's important to know that while the majority of babies are born in a head-first position, some babies are not. Birth Presentations - How Does Your Baby Lie? outlines other possible positions your baby could be born in. If you're anxious about having a c-section, then Birth by Cesarean Section may be able to answer some of your questions. Whether you have a vaginal or cesarean birth, one choice all parents should consider before their child is born is cord blood banking. Storing the stem cells from your child's umbilical cord may just save his life in the future.

But it's not just you that goes through a lot of work during labor. Labor and the Postpartum Period outlines what the labor process is like for your baby.

Miscarriage And Still Birth

In many women, though, at least one pregnancy won't develop as it should. In these cases, a miscarriage or a stillbirth is likely. While a miscarriage can be emotionally devastating, it generally does not indicate any physical problems with the woman and should not cause future problems in getting pregnant.


All pregnant women will experience some type of postpartum bleeding in the weeks following birth and as much as 80% of new mothers will expereince the "baby blues". This mild form of depression appears within four days of your child's birth and disappears within two weeks.  Learn more about what to expect.

Is breast really best when it comes to feeding your baby? Decide for yourself with our article on breastfeeding. Women who breastfeed their babies may also benefit from a form of natural birth control known as the lactational amenorrhea method.  Learn more about this type of natural family planning in Contraceptive Benefits of Breastfeeding.

Before you know it, your infant will reach the toddler stage. One of the most important developmental milestones during the toddler years is potty training. Learn about signs of potty training readiness in your child and find helpful tips on potty training, in this informative potty training advice article.

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