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Fetal Development

  • Fetal Development Overview
  • Fetal Development: 1st Trimester
  • Fetal Development: 2nd Trimester
  • Fetal Development: 3rd Trimester
  • How Your Unborn Child Grows


  • Staying Healthy During Pregnancy
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Calculate Your Due Date
  • Alcohol and Pregnancy
  • Drugs and Pregnancy
  • Smoking and Pregnancy
  • Radiation / X-Rays and Pregnancy
  • Prenatal Testing & Screening (off-site)
  • Domestic Violence (off-site)

Sexually Transmitted Disease

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Facts about Condoms and STDs (off-site)
  • Facts about HIV/AIDS (off-site)
  • Facts about HPV and Genital Warts (off-site)


  • About Sexual Abstinence
  • Social Barriers to Abstinence
  • Responsible Sexual Choices and You
  • The Girlfriends Page (off-site)

Sexuality & Relationships

  • Teens Sex and Pregnancy Fact Sheet (off-site)
  • Safe Sex Quiz (off-site)
  • Is it Really Sex? (off-site)
  • Facts about Teen Sexual Activity (off-site)
  • Facts about Teen Pregnancy (off-site)
  • Facts about Date Rape (off-site)
  • Facts about the Media and Sex (off-site)
  • Facts about Marriage for Teens (off-site)
  • Facts about Health Benefits of Marriage (off-site)


  • About Abortion
  • Abortion Methods
  • Before Choosing Abortion
  • Choosing an Abortion Provider
  • About Herbal Abortifacients
  • RU486 vs. ECPs (off-site)


  • Birth Control Overview
  • Why is My Period Late?
  • Post-Fertilization Mechanisms of Birth Control Drugs
  • Facts about Contraceptive Failure and Teens (off-site)
  • Facts about Condoms and Pregnancy (off-site)
  • FAQs about Condoms
  • FAQs about Hormonal Contraceptives
  • Epigee Birth Control Guide


  • The New Testament: Sex and Singles
  • Christianity Requires Gender Equality and Respect for Life (off-site)
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