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Pregnant? Think you might be? Take our online pregnancy test, which utilizes your natural menstrual cycle and date of intercourse, to calculate your likelihood of pregnancy. Enter the two dates below and submit the data for a quick estimation of your pregnancy possibilities.

Your age: 

On average, how many days is it from the first day of your period to the first day of your next period?
Enter the first day of your last normal period: 
Enter the day you think you conceived: 

Did you have additional acts of intercourse during that month? 

Have you experienced any of the following? (check all that apply):  
Nausea or Vomiting 
Fatigue or a need for Extra Sleep 
Weight Gain or Feeling Bloated 
Changes in Appetite 
Frequent Urination   
Sore or Tender Breasts 
Odd Sensations in the Abdomen 
A Positive Pregnancy Test 
Sharp Pain in Abdomen/Side 

Are you... (check all that apply): 
Under Unusual Stress Lately? 
Exercising More than Usual? 
Underweight for Your Height? 

What birth control method were you using when you think you conceived?: 
None (trying to get pregnant) 
None (not trying to get pregnant) 
Withdrawal (pull-out method) 
Male Condoms 
Oral Contraceptives (the pill) 
Implanon or Norplant (implants) 
Depo-Provera (the shot) 
Calendar or Rhythm Method 
Sympto-Thermal Method 
Sponge or Cervical Cap 
Female Condoms 
Female Sterilization 

DISCLAIMER: This online test is a simple mathematical calculation and should never be used to replace a true urine or blood test for pregnancy. If you think you are pregnant, or if this test indicates a possiblity of pregnancy, contact your medical doctor. This test does not imply or suggest the medical diagnosis of pregnancy. The resulting pregnancy report should not be considered medical advice.

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I had my last period from july 26 to july 31and had sex on the first or second of august. And am suppose to have my period on the 31of august and its been three days passed my period and i took a test and its negetive.. Can the test be wrong.. Cuz my bobs are fat and sore and my lower belly hurts and i feel tired all the time can i be pregnant..
2 years ago
Senem Durduran
after baby delivery vagina got loose if want to tight them like virgin girls without any surgery then try to use myotaut serum which is help you to get vagina tight naturally i am personally using that serum when give a delivery my baby.
3 years ago
There is definitely good information on this page. It is important that people do follow through and not just read it but do it. The eating correctly is so important because the mother to be must take in the right vitamins like folic acid so the baby does not have certain illnesses like cleft lip or spina bifida. Exercise right and become healthy not only for you but your baby as well.
6 years ago
I was suppose to start me period on Wednesday and didn't however I have had dark light spotting for the past two days. I took an hpt on Wed. And it was negative. Should I retest?
6 years ago
I had post partum heamorrhaging twice (but not after the first baby). i still get quite distressed reading about it. It was managed badly in hospital and I was really traumatised.
6 years ago