Waxing and Waning

Pretty Darned Quick

Well, not exactly waning. Waning means gradually decreasing and when you wax, the results are anything but gradual. This method of temporary hair removal has been used for years and years, and remains one of the best and longest lasting methods of addressing unwanted hair. Results can last for up to six weeks - but it comes at a price. The warm wax enters the hair follicle and when it cools and is pulled off, the root of the hair comes out. It could hurt.

Long Term Effects

Hair waxing is considered to be very efficient since hair grows back thinner and finer after each procedure. Using wax that is hot enough and allowing it to cool sufficiently is the key to successful epilation. Waxing has a reputation of being a very painful way to rid oneself of unwanted hair; however it has been shown that relaxing and using the special pain-reducing gels now available for this purpose are effective ways to deal with the discomfort. Having said that, those with very sensitive skin might want to think about using other methods available to remove hair.

Warm Waxing and Cold Waxing

Waxing comes in two temperatures - warm and cold. Warm waxing is considered to be the most effective method and the one generally used in salons and spas. Cold waxing is more of a home method and cold wax is available at the local drug store. Strips of wax are patted onto the skin and then pulled off, taking hair with them.

The procedure for warm waxing is more involved and requires some advanced preparation. A generous application of preconditioning lotion should be applied before the hot wax is put onto the body. Check to ensure the wax is hot, but not so hot that burns are incurred. Once the hot wax is on the body, strips of cloth are laid on top and the wax and strips are allowed to cool and harden together. After the wax is cool, the strips are taken off in the opposite direction of hair growth. The idea that it only lasts a minute is a good one to hold in your thinking. However, if total relaxation techniques are employed, the pain level is reduced significantly. Body tension can also inhibit the flow of the wax down into the pores, and the follicles may not be properly penetrated. So, just relax - it will be over in a few minutes.

Some Considerations and Cautions

If red marks are left behind, they will usually disappear in a day. Using a light cream on the area that was waxed helps to sooth the skin. If you're doing a waxing at home, it is important to follow the directions exactly. Being creative could lead to some undesirable effects. Don't wax sunburned skin - allow it to heal properly before doing the procedure. The wax used in spas and salons is gentler than what is available in the store and it is designed to sooth the skin with added components of essential oils, vitamins and extracts to encourage healing.

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