Sex Education

Educating yourself about sex and the potential repercussions of being sexually active is the only sure way you can protect yourself from experiencing a pregnancy crisis.  By learning about what sex entails, besides the physical pleasures, and by learning about how you can protect yourself during sex, both from unwanted pregnancies and from STDs, you can better prepare yourself for a safer and more relaxing sexual experience.  Remember, a pregnancy crisis can be prevented.  Find out how here at our sub section on Sex Education and get all of the answers you need about sex and how to avoid getting pregnant.

Sex Education

One of the best ways you can avoid a pregnancy crisis is by educating yourself about sex. 

The more you know about safe and responsible sex practices, and about the different birth control methods available the better equipped you will be to avoid getting pregnant, and avoid contracting an STD.  As the saying goes, 'knowledge is power' and it is only through receiving the knowlege of how to practice safe sex that you will best be able to avoid a pregnancy crisis.  Abstinence, or the avoidance of sex, is also another great way to avoid getting pregnant.  Find out more about this practice.  Also learn more about views of sex as given in the New Testament.  

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