Problems with Fertility

Disappointment Not Being Able to Conceive

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One of the most devastating experiences a couple can go through is the discovery of their inability to conceive and the realization that they might be dealing with infertility.  There is nothing more frustrating and disappointing than month after month of trying to become pregnant only to once again discover the arrival of your period.  There can be many reasons why a couple may have trouble conceiving.   Read about the many conditions you may be suffering from that could be  factors in your difficulty in becoming pregnant and find out what you can do to treat these conditions so that you can begin to create a family of your own.  Also read about why the it is so important to catch and treat many of these conditions early on so that you can prevent the development of fertility problems before they have a chance to develop.

Problems With Fertility

Some factors that can seriously impair your reproductive health include endometriosis, PCOS, pelvic prolapse and pelvic inflammatory disease.  Having a pelvic infection can also lead to infertility as well as increase your risk of an ectopic pregnancy.  In order to diagnose and treat these conditions, it is recommended that you visit your doctor regularly and receive full pelvic examinations.  Also inform your health care provider of your difficulty becoming pregnant so that he/she can begin testing to discover and treat your ailments.

While you likely don't realize it, there is a good chance that a fibroid has taken up residency in your uterus.  A very common occurrence in women, uterine fibroids most often do not cause any health problems.  However, if they grow too large, they could compromise your fertility as well as cause chronic pelvic pain.  Another common visitor to a woman's reproductive system is ovarian cysts.  While these cysts regularly form on the ovaries, some types of cysts can be more problematic than others.  Again, it is best to visit your doctor for a full diagnosis.

Begin Treatment Today

There is no reason for you to suffer in silence.  If you think you may be suffering from one of the above conditions then you should visit your doctor immediately for treatment.  There may be something you can do to correct your problem and solve your fertility issue.  Also, remember that regular visits to your doctor and annual check-ups might detect these conditions before they have a chance to develop and affect your fertility.  Even if you are not planning on having children today you should always do everything you can to ensure your fertility health for tomorrow.

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