A Symphony, It's Not

Something no one tells you about pregnancy is the way it makes you lose control over your body. Things just change and sometimes those changes are embarrassing. For instance, you may start passing gas often and loudly, or you may find you own a pregnant navel that insists on protruding. This isn't the you you're used to owning and you're not sure you're up to the task.

Weird Symptoms

Aside from asking to be granted the serenity to accept the things you cannot change (see the Serenity Prayer), you need to find a way to cope. Well, lucky for you, we have a few suggestions that just may help you get through some of the weirder symptoms of pregnancy without the complete loss of your sanity. Take snoring for instance.

You never used to snore, but now your partner has to sleep in the guest room to get any rest at all. You boom like the bass section of a hard rock band and both of you are tired and going through your days like the living dead. It seems clear that your snoring is related to your pregnancy, so you both hope the noise is self-limited and will end when the baby comes out. Meantime, you think that if only you knew what caused it, you might be able to exert some control so that everyone can get a good night's sleep.

Pregnant Rhinitis

Here's the reason: the snoring of pregnancy has two causes: the nasal congestion of pregnancy known as pregnant rhinitis, and excess weight gain. Less often, snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, a condition that is a potential danger to both you and your baby since it may rob you both of much needed oxygen.

Now that you know the causes of snoring in pregnancy, you want to know—is there anything you can do about it? Here's a list of tips and suggestions that may help quiet down the roaring beast that's taken over your nights:

Nasal strips: You can buy them at any drugstore, they contain no drugs that can harm your baby, and they may just help you both get a good night's sleep.

Humidifier: Some added moisture may make a difference in the status of your nasal congestion. Invest in a good cold air humidifier. At any rate, this is standard parenting equipment that you may need in future for a croupy child.

Extra pillows: Elevating your head with extra pillows may ease your nighttime breathing.

Watch your weight: You need to gain a certain amount of weight, but don't pile on the pounds unless you want to sound like a Mack truck at night.

Talk to your doctor: You need to have a talk about this symptom with your physician to rule out sleep apnea since this condition has some potential dangers for the health of you and your child.

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