Epigee Recommends: Essential Reading for New Moms: Pregnancy Books and DVDs

Looking for pregnancy resources? Interested in reading more about pregnancy symptoms or maybe you're interested in purchasing the latest DVD on childbirth tips? Our Epigee Recommends section provides excellent, up-to-date pregnancy resources with helpful reviews to assist you in finding the right resource to answer all your pregnancy questions.  Also check out our site on pregnancy videos.

Pregnancy Books

What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff et. al.

This classic pregnancy bestseller provides answers to common questions on pregnancy. Written in a month-by-month format, the book takes moms-to-be from the start of the pregnancy journey with information on planning pregnancy to choosing a physician through to six weeks after giving birth. This book also includes in-depth information on minor illnesses, more serious diseases as well as information on pregnancy complications. It also contains a chapter just for expectant dads as well as a nutrition plan.

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine

The perfect pregnancy guide for first time moms, Iovine's guide provides reassuring, candid and easy-to-read pregnancy advice. Based on Iovine's own experiences, as well as that of her friends, this book is designed to give women pregnancy advice from other women who've gone through pregnancy themselves. Contains helpful tips on pregnancy-related topics ranging from physical changes to maternity wear.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week, Fifth Ed. by Dr. Glad Curtis

Curtis's book is a completely revised and updated version of this pregnancy resource classic. Curtis provides through information on pregnancy, with a chapter dedicated to each week of pregnancy and covers basic areas of pregnancy, such as baby's physical development, as well as physical and emotional changes in mom. This book also includes tips on including your partner in the pregnancy process. Never overloading his reader with pregnancy panic or unnecessary detail, Curtis's book provides reassuring, in-depth yet easy-to-follow advice on the journey of pregnancy.

A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health by Dean Raffelock et al.

Written by a team of authors in the medical field, this pregnancy guide is a one-of-a-kind text that explores how healthy eating during pregnancy can prevent post-partum health problems. Focusing on diet, dietary supplements, medicinal herbs as well as conventional medicine, Raffelock's book has an excellent track record in helping to prevent post-partum problems in new moms.

Pregnancy Fitness: Mind Body Spirit by Fitness Magazine, Ginny Graves

An excellent fitness resource designed for moms-to-be at every fitness level, this pregnancy book outlines safe exercises for each trimester of pregnancy. Providing answers to common questions about exercise safety and pregnancy health, this book provides advice on developing flexibility, muscle strength and aerobic ability and also includes illustrated exercises that help to improve flexibility and strength as well as decrease pregnancy pains.

Pregnancy DVDs

Laugh and Learn about Childbirth: Lamaze and Beyond

This fun to watch and easy to follow pregnancy DVD provides pregnant women with a comprehensive overview of the labor and delivery processes. Containing educational classes on different stages of the birthing process, this DVD provides simple tips on proper breathing, natural birth and other techniques on how to minimize pain.

Because You're Pregnant

A supportive guide that answers common questions about pregnancy, this DVD contains uplifting narratives by real moms-to-be. Topics covered include signs of preterm labor, diet and exercise and sexuality. This DVD also explores the emotions of pregnancy and contains state-of-the-art graphics that brings to life the journey that is pregnancy in a positive manner.

Yoga for Your Pregnancy

A complete guide to a variety of yoga exercises for pregnant women. Contains energizing and strengthening activities, as well as relaxing and rejuvenating techniques that help build stamina, strength and proper breathing suited to guide you through pregnancy and labor.

Pilates for Pregnancy

Hosted by Lynne Robinson, this pregnancy DVD contains safe, effective Pilates exercises that are ideal for any pregnant woman. Sensitive to the variety of changes that occur to a woman's body during pregnancy, this DVD is geared towards pregnant women who are at 16 weeks or beyond, and is intended for use until 6 weeks after birth. Aimed at improving women's comfort during pregnancy, these exercises also help to reduce stress and build physical strength during pregnancy as well as lose that extra baby weight after labor.

Partners in Pregnancy: Hands on Preparation for Labor

Designed for pregnant women and their partners, this DVD provides instructions on a variety of stretches, exercises and massages designed to encourage intimacy and communication during pregnancy. Also helpful for doulas and midwives, the focus of this video is to provide safe labor positions.

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A complete guide to a variety of yoga exercises exercises for expectant mothers. Contains refreshing and building up activities.
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