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First Period

Are you a teen who just got her period for the very first time? If so, you probalby have some questions. Take a look at Menarche, which will explain what you can expect from your period as your body starts adjusting itself to a monthly cycle.

Your Cycle

A woman's reproductive system is very intricate. Read about what happens during a menstrual cycle as well as when you ovulate. For a handy overview of how your hormones and organs work together, check out How it Works. Do women have more than one fertile period during the month? Read all about the fascinating lunar fertility cycle. And if you are one of the 80% of women who experience PMS prior to her period, you will want to take a look at PMS Relief, which will give you some handy natural PMS relief tips.

Problems With Your Cycle

Having your period can be a real pain, in more ways than one. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, read up on why women feel such pain every month. You'll also get some handy tips on how to get rid of those menstrual cramps. But cramps don't only occur when you have your period. Women who notice period-like cramps half-way through their cycle may have mittelschmerz, a type of cramping that happens when you ovulate. However, if your menstrual cramps are so intense that you regularly experience severe pain, then you may actually have dysmenorrhea.

Menstrual Suppression

With all the physical pain that periods can cause, its no wonder some women wish they could skip their period all together. Now a new type of birth control is giving women this opportunity. But is it all that it's cracked up to be? Take a look at Debating Menstrual Suppression to decide for yourself.

Menstrual Products

Should you use tampons or pads? Read about the pros and cons of these most common menstrual products. However, if you are concerned about the chemicals in pads and tampons or about protecting the environment, you should know about the many choices of alternative menstrual products including a menstral cup, reusable menstrual pads and natural sea sponges.

Natural Treatments

Another area of increasing popularity is alternative menstrual relief. Such treatments include the use of herbs and vitamins in order to treat menstruation problems, such as irregular menstruation, as well as common menstrual symptoms, like cramps.

Your Period

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or want to avoid pregnancy, charting your period is helpful. A menstrual chart will indicate when you can expect to ovulate so you'll know when you are most fertile. Keeping a chart is especially helpful for women with diabetes, since there is a link between the menstrual cycle and blood glucose levels.

Women get concerned if they have a late period. Aside from being one of the first pregnancy symptoms, find out the reasons for a late period or a missed period. If you find yourself wondering, 'why is my period late,'then take a look at this helpful chart. Perhaps your periods aren't late but tend to be irregular. Then you'll want to take a look at Irregular Periods which outlines some of the causes for why your period may not always arrive when it should. Women who haven't had a period in over three months, though, may be experiencing amenorrhea, and possibly anovulation, and should make an appointment with their doctor for a check-up.

Sex And Your Period

Another subject relating to their periods that many women have questions about but are often afriad to ask is sex. Can you have sex when you are menstruating? How likely are you to get pregnant? What about STDs? Find out the answers you need to know in Periods and Sex: Q&A.

Important Information

It's important that all women, especially teens, read up on toxic shock syndrome. Women affected by menorrhagia are at an increased risk of developing TSS. Although rare, you should know the symptoms of TSS as it can be very serious. Another important menstrual problem that occurs in many women is endometriosis. Learn more about this painful disorder and what you can do about it.

Get answers to all of your menstruation questions in our menstruation forum.

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I finished my menstruation but then it came back 2 weeks early and when that finished, it came back after a week. Is this fine to be left alone?
7 years ago
My daughter 12 years old. She got her 1st period in May 2013. It stop, and in July in come again, 2 times, for duration of 7-8 days each period. In August it also come twice as well as in September. I wanted to know if this is normal for 1st year period or something I alarming. She did not complain stomach pain on her period.
8 years ago
I was on Depo for a year and a half. My last shot was April 19th, 2012. In October I got married, and we wanted to start a family right away because he is in the military. So later that month, I decided to get on birth control pills to help get my period back... As soon as I got my periods, I quit them. From December until now, I'm having periods every week and a half, two weeks. Full blown periods. Heavy bleeding, cramping, bloating, the works... My husband and I are still trying to get pregnant, however I'm guessing due to my frequent periods, that has yet to happen. What should I do?
9 years ago