Get back to Your Roots: Bring Back Your Natural Hair Color

Since there has always been much debate about whether or not coloring your hair is safe or healthy during pregnancy, most expectant moms or women trying to conceive opt to stop dying their locks and get back to their natural hair color. Depending on how much darker or lighter your natural color is, this process can be, well, less than attractive! Making this transition easy, inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing is definitely doable with these tips whether you’re on the baby track or just simply a gal who is looking for a change.

Simple Tips for Going Natural

Here are some great ways to help you get back to the natural color of your hair safely and easily.

Get a cut. Forgot what your natural hair color looks like, well just look at your roots, silly! It is always great to ensure that you trim off your dyed ends a couple of inches on a regular basis. If your hair represents a drastic change from your natural color, cutting it off more frequently is the way to go.

There is always the transition period. Don’t be afraid to use color even though you are looking to be color-free. And if you're still scared you can talk to your doctor or hairstylist about your concerns.

Use double color highlights to mach the old and new colors. This way you aren’t looking at this ugly ring that seems to creep down your hair. As the hair grows out, use less and less of the transitional hair color.

Get dyed. You can get a quick fix by dying your hair the same color as your natural hair color. Let your hair grow out at least an inch so that you have enough hair for you or your stylist to match properly with the color chart.

Work your way back to your natural goodness. If you dyed your hair a really deep color and you want to get back to your natural lighter hue, its best to work in stages. Sometimes trying to strip away the old dye all at once may do more harm to your follicles then good. Go from dark brown, to medium brown, to light brown then your natural hair color.

Semi-permanent dyes can be another solution. Semi-permanent dyes are great as they are just that, not permanent and therefore it gradually fades with washing The wash out time gives you more time to grow out your coloring.

Salon. As always, if you are dealing with more then you can handle, give your stylist a ring and book an appointment. They are called professionals for a reason and can give you the best advice with the best procedure to ensure that you leave looking your old self again.

You are now are ready to go back to your roots. Get ready to embrace the true you again and enjoy living maintenance least for awhile!

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