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what is your take on anal sex?

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I do not know where else to put this, but this seems to be more likely on this forum than in the STD forum.

As evident on the subject, what is your take, my fellow ladies, on anal sex with your partner? Not just with anyone, or a casual thing ok? Doing it with your special someone.

The reason I'm asking is that my long-time boyfriend has asked me so many times that we try it. I don't want to disappoint him. The truth is, it just disgusts me how he could even think about doing it. I've seen it in porn movies. God, it is horrible how they could even be enjoying it. But I love my guy so much. He's been begging me for it for so long. I know it's gonna hurt. I've googled about it, but I want to know your opinions.

Thanks! Looking forward to hear your thoughts.


I have tried it with a boyfriend of mine once. Got curious about it too. Ummm.. . that was the first and the last for me. I swear I'll never do it again. hahaha!


There is a greater risk of injury in anal intercourse, compared to regular (vaginal) one. Since there is almost no natural lubrication it could be quite uncomfortable and painful. Should you do it, make sure you use lubricants.

Aside from physical injuries, it is unhygienic as well. You could develop hemorrhoids. It can cause greater risks in anal cancer due to HPV.


if your boyfriend loves you as much as you do, he would understand if you refuse to do it hun. it would be selfish of him if he is only after his own pleasure. ask yourself, do you really want to do this or you just "don't want to disappoint him?"


do it! you r wonderin alredy. best teacher is experiences


no damn way!!! ]_]


Erm...I think God gave us the Vagina so that we can stick the penis in there. The anus is for stuff to go out of not the other way around!


whatever floats your boat... free expression and all