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Vaginal Powder

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Do those powder to suppress vaginal odor work?


I have heard of these but I personally do not know if they work. But the vagina is supposed to smell...some days are worse then the others but this can be caused by diet, exercise and other stuff not necessarily related to infection or sTD


Vagisil has this. But I only use when I go to the gym. It is a deodorant powder. I just use it to make sure :)


nope, but there are herbal douche that can help with odor.


how bad is your odor? it can be a sign of infection and if you cover it up , you also cover up the infection!


Women can be paranoid sometimes. All we really need to do to minimize odor is to wash properly down there and to put on cotton panties :) that's it

no need to douche, powder perfume etc!


how strong is the smell? maybe its telling you something is out of kilter down there?