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vaginal douche

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what is a vaginal douche and when should i use it?


douching is just like rinsing the vagina by forcing water or a substance in it to flush discharge and other unwanted contents in the vagina. women use this for a variety of reasons the most common of which is to feel "cleaner". however, this is not necessary as the body has a way of cleaning itself.


There are women who douche after their period to "clean" the area. But I agree with elaine_anderson. The body can clean itself.


i agree with Kate and elaine. I have never douched in my life and I am fine. The body can clean itself perfectly well


never douched a day in my life!


ive tried to douche before but it didnt seem to make a difference on odor or whatever so I stopped. after reading this im glad i did.


Used to douche but I think it was more psychological than anything for me...