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toothpaste for sensitive teeth

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does toothpaste for sensitive teeth work? like sensodyne? coz they are more expnesive than the others...


A dentist explained to me that these sort of toothpaste has a special ingredient that helps in teeth/gum sensitivity that's why they are more expensive. Ive tried Rembrandt for sensitive teeth and Im quite OK with it.


Yes it does. I have sensitive teeth and I perosnally go for Sensodyne.


if you have sensitive teeth, then these toothpaste are the best for you. yeah, they are a bit expensive.


yes, but better pencil it in your budget coz sensitive teeth are literally a pain!


What exactly is sensitive teeth? The only time my teeth gets sensitive is when I get a cavity or something.


try a fluoride rinse ifyour teeth are sensitive. this is different from the regular mouthwash. available w/out prescription over the counter. always would be best if you consult your dentist about this first.


sensitive teeth is when you get a tingling sensation when your teeth gets into contact with hot/cold beverages or food. I have tried Sensodyne and its worth its price!