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Sweaty armpits

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What causes sweaty armpits? Like even if the office or the weather outside is generally cool. This seems to be irregular for a woman, is it? I mean this tends to be more of a man's thing?


Every body reacts differently to stimuli. Like how some people tend to have sweaty palms. Same with the pits. I mean I dont have sweaty armpits, but I do get sweaty palms when I am stressed or anxious...


I hear that botox can help with sweaty pits. A sweat gland is a sweat gland no matter what the gender is :)


try aluminum chloride....


the most number of sweat glands are found in the armpits, so it wont matter what gender you are. my dermatologist said that botox is a good idea for excessively sweaty underarms.


wont your antiperspirant help with this sort of problem?


Secret is really good in controlling underarm wetness.