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soy milk

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is soy milk better than regular milk? what are the advantages of drinking soy milk?


soy is a good substitute for dairy products like milk. people with lactose intolerant would benefit in drinking soy milk.


soy milk has zero fat:) which is very good for dieters


yep, less fat and a very good source of protein too


soy like normal milk is also rich in protein but it has less fat so this would be a good choice. soy milk is also what people with lactose intolerant perfer to drink.


actually soy milk has more fat than cows milk. but it has zero cholesterol. it also lacks calcium!


what? did not know that about soy. some people in the gym drink soy instead of skim saying that it has less fat... oh well! i dont really like the taste of soy milk but will tell my gym friends about this.