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Is the 8 hour sleep a night a minimum or the maxiumum? Because some say "adequate rest" but sometimes I still feel tired after 10 hours of sleep. Just asking coz my job can be stressfull and sometimes I get only 4 hours of sleep but make up for the deprivation by sleeping like a zombie during my day off.


8 hours is the minimum. However I noticed that if I sleep for more than 10 I get a headache...


Just make sure you get adequate sleep. it depends from person to person and gets less as we get older.


I crashed for 13 hours straight once!!! And then after eating "lunch" I feel asleep for 4 more hours!!!


You should try to get the 8 hours a night! It is healthier plus, your body's rhythm will be disturbed with the prolonged sleeping and then the nights of very little sleep.