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Seeing a Gynecologist

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When is the right time to start seeing a gynecologist?


I did not see a gynecologist till I wanted prescription for BCP.


before you become sexually active!


or if you are 21 but have not had sex, you should make an appointment too for pap smears to make sure.


yep, when you start thinking that you are going to have sex, then pick up the phone and call your gynecologist!


I agree. its part of being responsible. if you think your old enough for sex then you are also old enough to talk to a pro about it.


hear hear! it's part of being an adult! or almost adult :P


Went to the gynecologist during my freshman year in college for birth control prescription...been going ever since


my mom asked me during senior year in HS if I had sex and I said yes, she took me to her gynecologist for a pap smear and a lecture in safe sex afterwards! so embarassed but it meant that she cared enough to ensure that I dont get std or have an unwanted pregnancy. i still see the same dr even now!