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race & diabetis

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Are Black women more prone to diabetis than women of other races?


this is a yes according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. However, its Black Males instead of black women...


It seems that black and hispanic women in their 20-30's become obese faster than white women. for every white woman diagnosed with diabetes, 1.6 black women are diagnosed too. it seems to be a race issue as to the reason why black women are more prone, it must be because of preferences in diet but I am not sure on this one.

another fact: 1 in 4 black women ages 55 up are diabetics. :(


i have lots of african american girlfriends and yet i never noticed this about them. but for sure, i will be telling them about this post.


I think getting in shape and eating sensibly should be practiced regardless of what race you belong to or whether you are male or female.


could it be because African American cooking can be rich and fattening? I remember going to a barbecue in church and they had the most amazing food!!! They really know how to cook and their fried chicken.... mmmmm!!!!


Well, if you look at culture and diet, they seem to be tied. Look at the Japanese who eat seafood all the time, or the Tibetan Monks who seldom eat meat... They have less incidence of diabetis compared to African Americans.


I agree. Eating habits have a lot of cultural influences. Incidentally, Japan is the world's biggest consumer of fish =)