Quit Smoking
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Please post some how-to-quit-smoking tips.




go cold turkey. its your will and intention to stop smoking that really matters. if you dont got that, how-to's and tips wont work



I agree. It takes self-control and discipline to quit smoking so if you cant do cold turkey then nothing will work.



I read about those e-cigarettes. maybe they can help you quit. you can google it. basically it works like a real cigarette but without the harmful nicotine and stuff. it just fools the system to think you have had your fix.

However, if you are really serious, cold turkey is the only way to go.



Advising a smoker to quit cold turkey is unrealistic. This suggestion is mostly made by people who have no idea how hard it is to quit smoking!

I'm sorry but its just not going to work. Nicotine is addictive. And yes it does take discipline. But just like any other bad habit, people experience withdrawal symptoms too and this is the hardest part of quitting. Plus smokers who quit cold turkey develop other habits like chewing gum or drinking!

It took two hypnosis sessions, 3 cold-trukey new year's resolutions and countless sermons from loved ones, boxes of nicotine patches and years of training myself not to think about cigarettes and smoking before I successfully kicked the habit. And I did it by slowly cutting back on my cigs and meditation and training.

However, to those who were successful enough to quit cold turkey, then good for you! The important thing is to QUIT!



A refreshing viewpoint. I agree. talking about something without thought or experience is a pain! Good that you were able to do it. I myself would rather do the "slowly but surely" rather than countless "cold turkeys". LOL! Hope that made sense!



Kristy going cold turkey is as real as it gets. those who can't quit just like that is because they don't have a reason to quit. they are "forced" to quit because of what - bad for health, partner nagging, etc. find that reason and do it for yourself. everyone knows firsthand that the moment you started smoking that was already bad for your health and the person next to you. you could've stopped long before but you did not.

I was a smoker too, so believe you me cold turkey was enough. no silly hypnosis or patches. just give yourself the right reason to stop and not because someone else is telling you.



Didn't I just say if you successfully quit smoking with cold turkey good for you? Here's a pat on the back too....


You and I are different. I was just trying to tell everyone to see it from a smoker's perspective. That there are OTHER WAYS besides that method. I had a hard time, you had kicked it right away. I'm not pretending. It was hard going cold turkey for me but I quit because I wanted to. When one method works for one person it does not automatically work for the other. That's why its called another perspective. Bottom line: You and I quit and are healthier for it!




Ha ha! Nothing gets a discussion going like a good argument! I did the nicotine patch and then cold turkey afterwards! It takes a lot of discipline and Im proud that I was able to conquer my addiction!



need i remind you this? "Advising a smoker to quit cold turkey is unrealistic" - those are your exact words. scroll up. what you are saying is making it sound harder for someone trying to quit when it is already hard. LOTS of people have gone cold turkey successfully. i don't need to remind you that.

and yeah it is a perspective. but you did sound in your post up there that you don't believe in others perspective, yet expect others to view yours objectively. read your post again in case you forgot what you sounded like. you really sound ridiculous that way. you make me laugh. LOL too!

by the way, thanks for the pat.



uh oh...somebody's maaad!!!



Ok turkeys....i mean ladies...to your respective sides of the ring if you please!

Anywho...it says "Please post some how-to-quit-smoking tips" ie plural.

So here are some of mine Alessandra:

1. Believe in yourself
2. List the reasons why you want to quit smoking
3. Get support from family and friends - im sure they are willing to give it.
4. Enroll in a gym and set an exercise routine - a good and healthier stress reliver than cigs
5. visualize quitting and becoming healthy - do this 3x a day
6. If you can then quit cold turkey, but if you can't cut back on your cigs but set a DATE for when you have to be ZERO
7. Find another smoker and quit together - the buddy system
8. celebrate small milestones - the AA does this: Ive been sober for 30 days well you can do a version of this too
9. Identify the triggers for your wanting to smoke. so if you feel like smoking after getting stressed, well you cant avoid stress but instead of smoking, then perhaps going to the gym would be better
10. Have the WILL to stop smoking!

Stay healthy! Stay Safe!



1. Meditation
2. Positive Can do Attitude
3. Support System
4. Determination and Will

It's all in the mind peeps!



cold turkey or slowly quitting will only work if you are determined. it does not matter what methods you use so long as you are ciggy free after the whole thing!



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