Managing Depression
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I lost my 8 month old baby due to infection. It was so hard for me to accept the fact that the baby that I've taken cared

Hi to all of you! I just want to asked what are the ways you can suggest to manage certain depression in a woman? I'd like to know because I do have a friend who is suffering depression and I'm afraid she will make a sucide out of this. So, just want to help her recover any depression she's been through right now. Thanks for the help.



Teach your friend to relax and help her to enjoy things she liked doing best. Make her open up to you and tell her that there is nothing she should depressed about because there are many people who really cares for her and love her very much. You are a friend and you are willing to listen and to help her overcome her depression.



Give your friend the comfort and the advice she needs. Encourage her to never lost hope and whatever happened in her life it happened for a reason. She should let go of all the negative thoughts, instead, she have to focus on the positive side of things. Assured your friend that she's not alone in the battle, that whenever she needs a friend, you are always there to comfort her.



Guide her to the best way you can. Tell her that she's not alone in the battle that you will always be there for her. It's not the end of her life to be totally depress. There are still yet another blessings that will come. Show her how special she is and let her feel that she is being taking cared of and that she is also loved and very much appreciated not just you as her friends but as well as to others.



Managing depression is not that easy. But if you let the person feel that everything is okey and she /he has nothing to worry because you will stand by his/her side till the end, then a person having such depression will feel comfortable enough to share everything and feels that she/he is not alone, will open up and wouldn't be depressed at all.



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