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Is my insomnia related to symptoms for menopause?


Insomnia can sometimes be related to menopause but because women experience menopause differently, not all menopausal women go through this.


Maybe you are stressed or depressed that's why you are unable to sleep?


get some prescription meds for that


some women go through insomnia, others don't. so this is a distinct possibility.


my mom is insomnia for almost all of her life, she's now in her mid 60s. she had her menopause when she was 54 so i guess it is not actually the symptoms of having menopause. insomnia is one of those sleep disorders that many of us nowadays suffer. i am insomniac too and i just take up "MX 5-HTP" to help me support my sleeping disorder which i have been very much disturb of. caffeine can be one cause having insomnia which i admit i am a coffee addict.



I have insomnia at times too. But now it's getting better after taking this wonderful product. Insomnia can be due to many reasons. One of them can be related to the amount of toxins present in your body. This is why constipation and insomnia are related.

I can recommend you the product if you're interested in alleviating your insomnia problem! :)