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Infertility herb treatments...???

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Im 26 yrs old, been trying to get pregnant for the past 4yrs. no luck. I went to doctor unfortunately I lost my job and Im unable to pay for infertility treatments. My doctor didnt even do any exams, she just said i was fat and thats the reason I couldnt get pregnant. I have lost 20 lbs, and continue losing. Has anybody tried any infertility herbs, or remedies that work for them? Im new here, so if i did something wrong please excuse me. Thank you


Weight plays a large factor.

Your lady parts function like a fine Swiss watch. The problem is that Its not an electric watch, its a hormone watch. Hormone levels and cycles run your body. These do all of the control work. The heavier you are, the less hormone in your blood. Think of it like this. Place a drop of red food coloring in a coffee cup of water. Now place a drop of food coloring in a two liter bottle of water. Now look at the color of both. You see how the food coloring is more watered down? Same principle. Your body not hearing the control signals because its watered down.

So what can you do?

1) There is a very good free weight loss website called my net diary that will help you keep track of your food intake.

2) Drink green tea. It has natural plant estrogen called phytoestrogens that help smooth out your cycle.

3) This is the hard one. Stop using certain plastics. Mostly drinking bottles, soda bottles, water bottles, and plastic forks. These contain a manufacturing chemical called Bisphenol A, or BPA. It leaches out of the plastics and into your food, where it acts like an estrogen. Your body reads it along with your own estrogen and as you can imagine causes some confusion. Think of it like a radio station bleeding over into another one. The two songs are heard at the same time and all you get is noise. (That a bad example, but I like it because its easy to understand and puts across the general idea.)

3) patience. Its going to take a while for your hormone levels to clear up and level out. Don't expect a fast change



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