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high libido in women

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for the last month or so i have had a very high sex drive, there has been a big change in my thoughts, feelings and sexual behaviour! it is really out of charector for me and i dont understand it. im a 25 year old female and i have always had a pretty "normal" healthy sex life but for the last month my sex drive as been off the scale. i have looked for help online as i embarassed to dicuss this anywhere else but i can only find information for decreased sex drives!! the way i am behaving and feeling is getting me down as its not like me at all but i dont know where to seek help or what may be the cause of this


OK, first off, Throughout your life, your sex drive changes. Sometimes you have lots of interest, sometimes you don't. What your experiencing is most likely normal and you should just be able to ride it out.

OK, now for the medical stuff and a few things to at least consider.

Sex drive is controlled by the chemical testosterone. Testosterone can be found out in the public in many forms and can be easily absorbed into the skin. Women are often prescribed testosterone skin cremes or adhesive Testosterone skin patches by their doctor. Perhaps an older man at your work or home is taking an herbal "male enhancer" "Weightlifting supplements have pre-testosterones that convert to regular testosterone inside your body. I doubt its on purpose, but you could be picking up testosterone from another person.

I don't want to appear creepy, but male semen contains a noticeable amount of testosterone as well. You have said that your sex drive has been off the scale, If you are having unprotected sex with a man who happens to have unusually high levels of testosterone (some men do), you could be dosing yourself every time you play.