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do herbs like ginseng really give extra boost? are they really beneficial?


I don't believes in this stuffs.


yes they do danica. ginseng has been around for centuries and are traditionally used in chinese medicine. it is used as a relaxant, a very known stress reliever and even as an aphrodisiac. in modern medicine ginseng is used to treat type II diabetes.


The chinese are one heck of inventors. A lot of things were discovered/used since the ancient chinese times. We didn't even know about it.


The Native Americans also used the american variety for cough, constipation and fever!!!

The Asian variety is quite rare and I hear that this is quite expensive.


is red ginseng more potent?


I am a fan of Chinese Medicine!!! Look at their tea. You just drink Oolong tea and it helps you relax and is great for hypertension too!!! They also invented accupuncture. I take supplements with ginseng and I like this better than vitamins like Centrum