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fertility treatments

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do fertility treatments cause breast cancer? a friend had fertility shots over the years and she had breast cancer and got both her breasts removed because of it.


Possibly. There might be a correlation because I saw an article about the pill causing breast cancer and fertility treatments like the pill have lots of hormones in them.


A study published in the internet said:

Although some subanalyses in these studies concluded that there was a significant association between certain types of subfertility (anovulation, progesterone deficiency, amenorrhoea, tubal or other ovarian disorders) and breast cancer risk (Moseson et al., 1993Go; Garland et al., 1998Go), most found no overall relationship.

I think this means that it increases your risk but the fertility treatment itself does not cause the breast cancer.... what do you think?


I guess this means that its 50-50.


according to some studies i saw just now yes. its because of the hormones again.