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Exercising During Pregnancy

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Been exercising for my baby. Hopefully this will help with labor... post more exercise routines and tips please... Thanks!


Walking around the block after sunset is good enough for me. No formal gym thing. A couple of rounds everynight was ok.


you can also try yoga and i think there's pilates for pregnant women


there are special prenatal exercises you can do to keep strength and stamina up. you can try the local gym. But stretches and walking are also OK.


not sure about the routines. but i saw a yoga book for expecting moms in a bookstore. maybe you can get something similar? yoga will help with the breathing see.


helps increase endurance too!


You can do the following exercises while pregnant: walking, swimming and yoga! Well, walking and swimming are easy, most women know how to do them..haha! for the yoga part, there are positions that are safe for pregnant women, so please check them out or google them!


Hi Jane! There's this site: yogaforpregnantwomen dot com and I think you should visit it. Lots of cool tips! Good Luck!


Yep, my sister and I would swim 10 laps in her pool every morning for the whole 9 months she carried my niece. she told me it helped her with the breathing and added to her stamina during labor!


Hello Ladies! Thanks for the helpful posts! Went to the website, anna, very informative to thanks!

Also love the swimming suggestion since I love the water!


don't overdo it when you are close...