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diet pills vs exercise

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have you tried diet pills? or do you lose weight with exercise alone?


tried lots of diet pills and other methods of losing weight. i found that having supplements helps because you see results immediately compared to exercise alone, so it inspires you to keep going. tried accai berry and slim fast and others i cant remember anymore :)


i always like a combo of both, like carrie said it is very good for motivational purposes!


not tried diet pills but have been exercing regularly for the last 3 years or so :)


at first i tried every diet aid from slimfast to hoodia. but now i just kickbox...more fun and healthy


don't get scammed on these diet pills promising you to lose weight in jst how many days. the best way to lose weight is to exercise. go to the gym. jog. play sports. its also worthwhile your time that way. you get to do something, learn something and perhaps meet new people... or that hot guy in the gym with perfect abs. *wink wink :P


exercise is better always, unless if you have like some physical defects. no offenese intended


yes tried diet pills. i prefer slim fast products though.