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Anybody with dandruff home remedies? Pls share with me


Head and Shoulders is in my bathroom at home. So it's a home remedy for me. lol.


Put a tablespoon or two of lime juice on a small pail of water for your last rinse.


use your anti-dandruff shampoo as usual but dont shampoo in hot water. try lukewarm or cold if you can so that it will shut down your pores. hot water can strip your scalp of natural oils that can cause dandruff


Wow never thought of that Mama_Joy. But it is a good tip. Some anti-dandruff shampoo can be expensive and this will really help. I like this tip!


Dont have home remedies but Nizoral and Neutrogena Therapeutic always works!

Nizoral is expensive but works really fast. Neutrogena is cheaper but effective too... But personally I prefer Neutrogena because it's better with my hair