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Breast Cancer Prevention

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Can breast cancer be prevented?


You can prevent breast cancer or any cancer by doing two things:

a. changing your lifestyle including your diet and eating habits
b. avoiding known carcinogens

its like a lottery but if you take the necessary precautions then there is a possibility of winning the jackpot!


I guess its better to be safe than sorry as cancer is the #2 killer in women!


Find foods rich in anti-oxidants. these can minimize cell ageing and also reduce cancer risks.

But if it is hereditary, then more frequent mammograms should be considered.


Yep, drink lots of green tea and vitamin C. Lots of anti-oxidants there!


get frequent mammograms...remember prevention is better than cure... or in cancer: early detection


you can take the brca test to find out if you are at risk for breast cancer.

also agree with the healthy lifestyle and diet :)


I personally think that cancer is related to diet. So whenever you can, drink/eat foods rich in cancer fighting substances. for example Lycopene in tomatoes fights cancer. Vitamin C is also very good. Plus live a healthy lifestyle! dont smoke and drink moderately! if you drink, then choose red wine for its anti-oxidants but please dont become a drunk! Exercise also helps!