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No, this isnt a burn the bra post... just wanted to know the correct ways of measuring for bra size... thanks!


there is detailed instruction in :howtodothings . com / fashion-personal-care/ how-to-buy-a-bra-that-fits ( remove the spaces).

Or you can get measured by a lingerie sales person for a size that fits perfectly :)


I just ask for a cup B 38 :)


Bra size can change from time to time Annette so its better to get properly measured from time to time too. besides, our girls need all the support they can get!


I went to a top lingerie shop in Vegas when I was there a couple of years back and got myself measured by a pro! She adviced me to move one cup size up and now I am very comfortable in my new cup size compared to the one before. my babies are always secure... LOL!