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What do you think of BOTOX?



Im gonna get this when if i get those lines in the forehead. just the forehead coz i dont wanna look like Sylvester Stalone! ROFL!!!!



OMG! Sylvester Stalone! I can't stop laughing HAHAHAHA! But I would try botox too for fine lines coz they really are effective.



I know its weird but Im wary of botox but really curious about collagen injections. I want Angelina Jolie lips... :)



I wanna get botox for the wrinkles around my eyes....hope they have that



hey ladies, botox can be good, but make sure you get one from a licensed cosmetic surgeon and not just an attendant at some salon or spa. Botox contains chemicals that can cause facial paralysis, so be wary.



This is good but botox has risks too. Can cause difficulty in swallowing, talking and even breathing. These can persist even months after the injection. So be wary!



So, we're back to Sly again eh? Seriously though, botox leaves facial muscles paralyzed. This is why some people who have had botox have no facial expression! Do I wanna try...don't want to say never.



hahaha! Sly had Bell's Palsy not botox! but i am willing just so long as I dont end up like Sly! LOL!



so nobody wants to grow old gracefully then? Haha! yep im willing to try botox too... I think this is a better option to plastic surgery.



its a cool way of looking younger. i would like to say no but maybe in the future Im going to want it so its 50-50 for me...



as the saying goes: never say never!



i put this in my christmas wish list for my forehead and the lines on the sides of my mouth...

i think botox is cool but the patient should always proceed with caution



I think Botox is the new IT when it comes to cosmetics. If I werent a scardey cat, I would so do this!



right now no...but theres a high probability in my future as im a bit vain!!!



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