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Bad breath

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How do you get rid of bad breath aside from brushing and mouthwash? Pls also post home remedies! Thank you!


i also red that its what foods you eat that causes bad breath. dunno if this is true but may be. f you eat lotsa spice food, ur breath tend to be strong even hours after meals. that is i notice


you can also try gargling with salt. also believe it or not garlic can get rid of bad breath because it has anti-bacterial properties that kill bacteria that cause bad breath


Another great home remedy is Olive oil. Dab some on a cotton ball and clean your mouth with it. It also has antibacterial properties like garlic :)

But for chronic bad breath or halitosis, please consult your doctor


i think there are some pills you can take to lessen bad breath. i've read about this. not quite sure what they are though.. .


You can try drinking green tea and using a tongue scraper and drink lots of fluids (:


I think they have those extra strong mouthwash that they sell for smokers. maybe you can try that.


Avoid food with strong odors like onion, garlic or beer. Gargle after eating and keep yourself hydrated. Home remedy: chew some fresh parsley.