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back acne

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My niece has a bad case of back acne. Facial acne is ok because it is easy to reach for treatment. Pls post suggestions on how to handle her back acne problem.

Thank you!


you can try a soap with triclosan. its an antibacterial that helps with problems like pimples. there are also topical otc meds for acne that you can try.


look for soap/facial wash with salicylic acid. you can use this on your back. soap with sulfur also works but it has a strong smell. there are otc creams with benzoil peroxide that are also good for direct application.


I had acne on my back when i was in my teens. i got a prescription from my dermatologist but ive forgotten what it was. All i remember is that it was an ointment that my mom applied twice a day. It worked great and after just a tube, my back acne was gone.