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I dunno where to post this question but here it goes: is it true that lamb and oysters are aphrodisiacs?


oysters are commonly said to be aphrodysiacs. so are chocolates. booze would be one too.


booze is a depressant but it makes you lose inhibitions....hehehe

yes, in middle eastern cuisine, lamb is considered and aphrodisiac. same with chocolates and oysters. other aphrodisiacs: avocado and almonds....yum!


the mayans call the avocado tree the "testicle tree" because avocados that grow in pairs tend to look like testicles. Anyway, this fruit is rich in VitB essential for male hormone production... Of course...there's also the banana :P


had oysters a couple of nights ago, no effects for me... maybe its just a 'state of the mind' coz chocolates are aphrodisiacs too and God knows I always have some of those!