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allergic to almonds?

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I ate some almonds yesterday and had difficulty breathing and swallowing. does this mean i am allergic to almonds? ive eaten them before but yesterday was the first time that happened. not allergic to peanuts though


maybe its recently accuired?


or the other stuff you had before almonds... but stuff you are not allergic to in the past can become allergens in the future, so it might be the almonds.


allergies to nuts is one of the most common food allergies so this is a distinct possibility.


Nuts are one of the most common allergies, if a person eats a particular type of nut frequently (and is a sufferer or hayfever, asthma and/or ecsma the four allergies/ disorders are linked. If you have one it is very likely to get another or all four) it is possible to develop an intolerance to that particular type of nut. Go to the doctors and ask for an allergy test or checkup, this will either involve a blood test or prick test where a small piece of metal (about the width of a needle) has particles of the nut or allergen being tested for put on it and is then pricked in the arm. Until then i advise you carry an anti-histamine around with you such as zirtec or piriton and take the recommended dose as soon as you get the reaction again.