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Sir I am from India, I was affected by skin rash in my finger, palm, thighs,etc., and those symptoms was put forth to a general physician and finally concluded that it might be viral fever aftermath or a fungal disease. I undergone the medication and was recover later.

But after some searches in internet I found out my rashes are looking similar with the symptoms of HIV/STD, I undergone a STS & RVT test in an government hospital(india) on 18/10/2009 and also after 10 months on 03/08/2010 both those results were Non-reactive and Negative. One way I am much Happy, but later some days I came to know my rashes is as similar to the symptoms of "Syphilis" on surfing the net. The thing is 20 months before I had the rashes.

Sir, Please advice me is this test STS & RVT are quiet enough to tell me that I don't have STD, or any other separate test require to diagnosis it(Syphilis)

Thank you doctor for your precious time that was set apart for my question


nonah esperanza

Ask the doctor what's really the test you will be going to take regarding your problem. I think you need immediate and proper treatment for it. Just be ready of the result, whatever might that is..what's important is that you can easilly find solution or treatment to your problem.



You just can't have a series of test without consultations to a certain doctor. Have yourself examine first by the doctor for you to be able what would be the test they will have for you and the treatment that really suits you.


sheila mae

STD is a very serious disease that needs proper and immediate treatment. And it can only be given by some medical experts known to treat such kind of diseases. You need to have a physical check-up to know what kind of STD you are having. Don't be afraid to open and share it to them. They are there to help and not to embarass you or ridicule you for having STD.


jillian joyce

You don't have to feel embarass if you think you are having STD. Don't think of what other people might say. Think of how you will be cured by such disease.



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