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Most sexually transmitted infections can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

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Different types of sexually transmitted infections
There are numerous types of sexually transmitted infections. The most common (and ‘well-known’) ones are: gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis and genital warts. Below is a brief summary of each condition (with symptoms):

About gonorrhoea: Gonorrhoea is caused by a bacterial infection (the germ gonococcus) usually found in semen or vaginal fluids. The infection is p ed on through having sexual intercourse with an infected person.

Symptoms of gonorrhoea in women include:

a pungent, watery vaginal discharge (this can be green or yellow)
a painful burning feeling when p ing urine
a feeling of needing to urinate frequently
abdominal pain
pelvic pain
irritation and an itching feeling around the anus
a discharge from the anus
sore throat
conjunctivitis (a discharge from the eye)

Women with gonorrhoea may also experience bleeding between periods and heavier periods than normal.

Symptoms of gonorrhoea in men include:

a painful burning feeling when p ing urine
a feeling of needing to urinate frequently
an unusual fluid discharge from the penis (this can be white, green or yellow)
redness at the tip of the penis (at the opening of the urethra)
abdominal pain
irritation and an itching feeling around the anus
a discharge from the anus
painful testicles
an inflamed prostate gland
sore throat
conjunctivitis (a discharge from the eye)

About chlamydia: Chlamydia often has no symptoms, yet it is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK. With chlamydia, a bacterium called Chlamydia trachomatis develops in the vagina, penis and rectum. This is then p ed from one person to another through vaginal fluids and male sperm during unprotected vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex and the sharing of sex toys.

Symptoms of chlamydia in women include:

Pain when urinating (like a burning sensation)
Lower abdomen pain (i.e. In both the pelvic and stomach areas)
An unusual vaginal discharge and also bleeding (particularly after sexual intercourse)
Longer and heavier periods than you would normally have
Pain during sexual intercourse

Symptoms of chlamydia in men include:

Painful and swollen testicles
An unusual milky urethral discharge from the penis
Pain when urinating (like a burning sensation)
An irritating itching feeling in the genital area
Mild irritation at the tip of the penis

About genital warts: For many people, genital warts can be an embarr ing condition. This means that they fail to seek medical treatment. This is a pity as genital warts – unsightly growths of skin around the genital area and sometimes the anus – can be easily treated, with symptoms gradually clearing up in time.

Most commonly occurring in people under 25, genital warts can develop in both men and women.

Symptoms of genital warts include: small, fleshy growths which can appear around the genital and anal areas. Although they are generally painless, they can become itchy and inflamed. This can then lead to bleeding.

About syphilis: Although not a common sexually transmitted disease in the UK, GPs and healthcare professionals at Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinics or Family Planning Clinics still see and treat a number of cases of syphilis each year. Many of these are people who have become infected with the syphilis bacterium called Treponema pallidum when living or travelling overseas.

When you come into bodily contact with a syphilis ulcer, you can become infected too. A number of symptoms then develop which can be unpleasant.

Symptoms of syphilis include:

Initially, a small ulcer on the penis or vagina (or anus). However, if you have become infected with syphilis through oral sex, this ulcer will develop in your mouth. Wherever it appears on your body, it may ooze pus and be painful.
The development of growths (like warts) around the penis, vagina or anus
Lower back pain in women
Hair loss
Swollen lymph glands
Swollen glands in other areas of the body
Inflammation of the eyes, kidneys and liver

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a powerful virus that replicates itself and multiplies, despite attempts by the body’s immune system to destroy it.

HIV causes infections which can lead to a range of symptoms, including: swollen glands, fever, muscular and skeletal pain, mouth ulcers and sores, and also problems with the oesophagus (swelling, ulcers, difficulty swallowing...).

Over time, HIV destroys the white cells in the body which are there to fight viruses and bacteria. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) then develops.

AIDS is the latter stage of HIV. It is a life-threatening condition because the immune system has now stopped working.



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Sharina Feyah

Thanks for the info ranranfeng. This would greatly help women out there who are suffering lots of women's health problem. This will also make them feel that they are alone in their struggle.Thanks again, you can probably saved lives!



Well, this is good news! I just hope your advocacy in helping women with health problems will really go a million miles!..Thanks so much!..God bless!..^_^



Many women would be glad to know this good news. Their are lots of topics about womens health that need to be given proper concerned and treatment. So, this is probably answers to their prayers.


sheila mae

I thought it is about sexual health,..why is it about health problems. I just want to know more about health problems brought by sexual health.



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