HIV acquired through manicure & pedicure
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pretty baby

Hello! I want to clear something regarding the issue about acquiring an HIV through having manicure and pedicure. I'm afraid because I used to go to a certain beauty parlor and let beautician clean my finger nails and toe nails. One friend told me that their is a woman who have done manicure and pedicure but later after a week, when she had a physical check-up found she is HIV positive. She can't recall having unprotected sex, that's why she concluded that it's in the manicure perdicure kind of thing where in some HIV positive have had her manicure pedicure too and unfortunately the tools used was accidentaly wounded the person who is HIV positive and it's blood somehow spread to the tools which was also used in cleaning her finger nails and toe nails. That's why she become HIV positive too. Is this true? I need to know, because as of now, I'm afraid in going to the parlor and have a manicure, pedicure. Please answer..



It's so absurd! There is no truth to that. You should not believe on it because it's so nonsense and should not be taking seriously. You can't have HIV by menicure and pedicure! Only an idiot can think that it's possible!


Lanie Belle

I don't believe you actually believed such a crap!..It's so not true! HIV can't be acquired by such simple manicure or pedicure kind of thing. It is acquired through sexual intercourse of a person positive with HIV rather than that, it's so impossible.


Vivean Joyce

It is definitely so not true! I can't believe other people came up a story like that. It's totally a lie and just clear that they really don't have an idea of what they are talking about. They just made up everything without any basis at all.


Sarah Lee

That's so ridiculous! This is unbelievable! I don't believe it. It's such an insult to those suffering from STD. We should not believe that..we are not a people of idiots..don't we?



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