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Hello everybody, after almost 2 years of marriage and about to get divorce to go with the person I have been in love during my whole life, just found out that I am pregnant, I really do not know what to do, I have this bad feeling of sadnees that it looks like it never going to stop, I wanted to begin a new family but not with my present husband that I have to say is the best person but the true is I do not love him... feel like I am trapped without an exit.. so sad


Having a kid is like having a marriage license. It doesn't mean you have to stay with the guy at all. People with kids split up all the time. Hell, its almost a national sport.

But take this one piece of advice from an old guy. When you dream about something, you create a perfect world for it in your dream. The guy you have always been in love with, wont meet your expectations because the are based on fantasy. You may just discover that having something is not as good as the dream you had when you wanted it. Before you throw away something you think is average and reach for the unknown, seriously take a moment to think about your decision. You may just find that what you thought was a briliant diamond was only a shiny piece of glass and that dull silver piece you threw away was buffed to a shine by someone else.


Hello Riki!!
Thank you so much for your advise... I just want to be over him but it seems to difficult, I know time can heal everything, I would like to be somebody else that is just happy about the idea of having a baby..I am 31 years old without any kids yet bcz I have been waiting and waiting for the perfect time and opportunity to get the divorce when we were almost there we got this big news..and Yes like you just said I would have to think about it twice before making a decision, but for now I know that there is nothing I can do.. :(


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