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male menopause

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my husband is acting strange.. he claims that he is tired, i think he is depressed although he claims otherwise, he wants to leave the home to go away for a while to "sort his head", he hugs me when he sleeps with me, he claims he does not want to hurt me. We hvae been married for over 30 years. Would this be the symptoms of male menopause?


Yes, or a midlife crisis


There is no real male menopause. Its a mind, life, regret thing.

Everyone gets this, not just men. Something happens to you and you realize your half dead. Your times almost gone, your life is half over. Its usually an ego buster like a sexy girl or a hunky pool boy treating you like a senior citizen. The end result is the same. You begin looking around at your life. Your not where you wanted to be. When you graduated, You had plans and you didn't do any of it. Your not in the job you wanted, or the car you wanted. You begin to feel as if you wasted a lot of time. You begin to feel like you have been married longer than you were single. Begin to feel like your missing out on life and there is a fear that kicks in there. Its an urge to try and catch up. Strangely enough, I know several women that went through this same thing. They were all married for a long time, and they all ended up getting divorced. They Wanted to be single and date again. It was kind of like a second adolescence with a lot of drinking and night clubbing.

It takes time to wrap your head around a realization like that. He will be fine, just let him think. Remember that its about regret and lost time. It wouldn't hurt to point out the fun things, the successes, the vacations. Perhaps going on a nice date and announcing the intention to go on a cruise.