In love but no to sex!
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I'm confused please help!..Me and my husband has been married for almost two and half years. But I could say that he is not so into having sex with me. Whenever we have sex, I always indeed up craving for more..I'm totally not contented. It's seems like he's not so focused on what we are doing. I have already open up this issue to him and even went to the point of asking him whether if he truly loves me. He said he loves me with all his heart and mind. I'm the only person he loves. The reason why he can't give his all during sex is he's just so tired from work. He is sometimes out of focus because of the problems his facing also from work which disturbes his mind during sex. What do you think? Is he telling me the truth? Or just having some allibis. Please I need some advices about this matter. Please, I want some answers. Thanks!



In a certain reltionship, their should always be love, respect and trust. Your partner is facing so much stress and pressured from his work that he can't concentrate doing other things even during sex. What you need is a bit of understanding. Is having sex, is the only most important to you in showing love? I don't think so. As long as he still treated you right, nothing to doubt for. Just do your part and share. If he can't focus during sex, then find some ways on how he can playful to him..Don't just depend on your guy to do something for you..why not try to do something for him too!



Yes, definitely! Your man needs time to relax after his stressful work. So don't make him feel that you also stressed him do a very exciting and perfect sex for you. I think it's also our obligation as partners to do exciting tricks and be manipulative to our guy during sex. In a way that he will feel comfortable, more relax and will be looking forward of having sex with you again and again, after work.



Sorry but I think you're patner needs space. Probably he has third party or what. A man who no longer loves to have sex is really out of his mind. So, better asked him frankly what really his reason why he no longer like to have sex with you. I know he has something in his mind that he himself can't easilly tell you straight from his eyes because he doesn't want you to get hurt. But you have the right to know as soon as possible because what's the point of prolonging everything when you'll still be hurting anyway.



I don't agree with the idea of being in love but no sex. I guess, you are just thinking your partner is in love with you but the truth is he is not. So, common..he is just making some alibis..Ask him face to face of why he doesn't like to have sex with you. There must be a good reason behind it. Listen to his side of the story and connect it with yours.



Meh? I love to have sex! So, having no sex is is really a no!no!..You see, since God created men and women, sex is always part of two people who are in love. It's part of the "two become one" kind of relationship.So, if your partner, doesn't want to have sex with you, then he has a problem or probably he is not really in love with you because he is not comfortable to show his other side and be open with you during sex. So, think deeper! You can't continue having relationship with someone who can't deal with you in bed.



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