How soon is too soon
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Benny Case

Hello, I have a brother-in-law whom not less than a year after his wife died, we found out that he's already dating another woman. It's hard for us to understand why he was able to replaced his dead wife that easilly where in we've seen them before that they are so loving and close to each other. Is he pretended everything he has shown her wife before? Don't he anymore value the memory of his wife? I think if you value and love the person that much. Moving on, is so hard to handle. But for him, it's like he doesn't care at all. Are we giving him a fair judgement here? How soon really is too soon? Please answer. Badly needed!



Well, it depends on the person. Many people who have lost their loveones grieved so much that it's hard for them to replaced their loveones thinking about the wonderful relationship they've shared. But their are also others who because of so much loneliness, they want to move on immediately because they don't want to make their life miserable, they want to forget everything that make them so sad. So, it's really depends on the person.



Well, other people tend to deny themselves of the fact that they have lost their loveones and that because life must go on, they find another someone immediately just to help them forget everything..especially the loneliness the've felt and the memories they have spent with someone they've lost.



I think it depends on the person how he deals everything that happened to her/his life. Many people can easilly adjust or can move on others will stay unhappy and lonely for the rest of his/her life. No one can tell how soon is too soon but the person dealing with such situation.



It always depends on the person"s perspective of what was happened. On how he/she can handle everything. If what will be his/her reasons of moving on and continue his life for the better.



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