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How do i l go of what happened?

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Jessie Lou

Me and my boyfriend have been together 6 months and 5 days.
But when i went away in August, he bumped into this girl (that was giving him flirtacious looks when we went into town one day) and they went up to the castle and she told me (after i was back home) that he tried to kiss her, but he denied it in tears. After about 2 weeks or questioning i found out about what happened the day before i got home from Wales. EVERYTHING. the fact that she asked him to send her dirty texts and she wanted a picture of him and he sent one, but apparently it didn't go through.
But it's like would you class that as cheating?
And it's like i really want to forget it, becasue i really do love him, btu i really don't know how, and i think about it and feel like screaming at him. He kills me inside and she still hasn't told me why she done it and the thing is, she goes round stealing everyone's boyfriends and she has a boyfriend every week and different one. And it's like i have never witnessed a boy cry so much over me. I feel terrible and i feel it was my fault because i had a huge argument with him, and he didn't know what to do and then he bumped into the girl and what not. I feel like crap.

How od i forget something like that??



You could get all upset, or you could just join the party. Everyone else is screwing around, why shouldn't you? Sex is fun and can be fantastic, just play safe and use protection. Being upset won't get you anyplace. Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying revenge sex or sex to hurt the boy. I'm saying change your beliefs about sex, then go out, experiment and have some real fun with it. It's only sex. Oh, and don't believe the crying. That's just BS. Take it from a man.

Jessie Lou

But the thing is. It's not about the sex. And i dunno i just get the girl out of my head. And the fact she asked him for dirty texts and a picture. and it's just she knew we were together and she knew i was away. and argh it feels horrible thinking about it. It has nothing to do with sex, because nothing physical that i know of happened. It was just texts and a picture. It's just if me and my boyfriend were in an argument like a really bad one. Because we hadn't seen eachother for like 5,6,7 days. Does that give him an excuse to do that?
I dunno and besides i am under 18 you know. I just need help forgetting it.


In the old days they would give prisoners of war to the women because women really know how to be vindictive. Watch any reality show and you will see the women wipe each other out before even thinking about the male rivals. Women are their own worst enemy. I find it interesting.

The girl did what she did because she knew you were gone and she doesn't care what you think. She simply wants to get in your boys pants. Its probably not even that she likes him. He was resistant to her and now its a bit of a challenging hobby. She wants to see if she can.

Chalk it up as a close call, and watch out for the next attempt. Don't forget it, don't forgive her, don't hate her, dont become BFF's or worst enemies, just learn from it.

I'm sorry to say that as you get older you will realize that this sort of thing is very common, and not just in dating, but in all aspects of life. The people around you don't care what you think, want what you have, and will do what they can to either get around you.

Its by living and learning, and not taking it personally that we don't loose our minds.


The only way to forget is dump cheating losers and move on. Find someone better and fall in love again. Take it from me, the man i lost my virginity to tried to seduce my best friend when i was 18, I dumped him when i found out and then went to college and found a wonderful caring man who isn't a nasty cheating bastard. If he cheats, ask him why he did it, then say well that's too bad and dump him.