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Withdrawl method

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I had unprotected sex but used the withdrawl method within a day of ovulation. We also had more sex after he had ejaculated once. I started feeling super moody a few days after I ovulated which isn't normal for me and having tender nipples within five to six days. I'm frequently using the restroom and have had what I think might be some implant bleeding (I'm not exactly sure..) I'm only 17. Do you think I'm pregnant? I am due for my period in four days.


Hello dear,

I am sorry to say but more then 75% of the time the withdrawal method is unsuccessful. From the symptoms you are reporting it sounds as if you are. But it is still far to early to tell. If you tried a regular pregnancy test it would most likely show up as negative because of how early it is. My advice to you is to see a doctor or wait a couple of weeks before taking a pregnancy test. But it is never to late to start acting pregnant. Eat healthier or consider an abortion, (Abortions are cruel I would stick with the baby for now) whatever you may choose remember to see a doctor and tell you parents.

Hope it helps,

best of wishes,