when can they tell?
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when can the doctors tell that you are carrying twins or more than one baby?



most probably during your first ultra sound during the second trimester n.n



having twins is sooo cooool!



I think they can already know via heartbeats at around 12 weeks... but this is not accurate though.



during the first ultra sound after first trimester. This will be your baby's first photo!



how soon can doctors do a blood test for pregnancy? and how much does it normally cost?



I've missed my period by 9 days, my breats are a little sore, and i've been spotting irregularly, like a week before my period, and today i bled a little. could i be pregnant? also i've had sex, and a few times i bled right after just a little. whats wrong with me?



Does anybody know if breastfeeding can lower your hcg levels?



Have you taken a hpt? You could be pregnant or it could just be af is running late



Usually during the first appointment. When they listen to the heartbeats, they can hear two of them, unless, in rare cases, they are beating simultaneously. Then it is during the first ultra-sound.
You can probably tell yourself. A mother's instinct is usually correct when it comes to twins. You may feel extra tired, or be extra sick on your stomach. Best of luck, either way :)



So I've been having many symptoms of pregnancy, hot flashes, dizziness, light-headed, headaches,nausea, sore breasts, a pink discharge before what was possibly my late "period" but that only lasted 2 1/2 days, and i normally last 4-7 days. And then after that "period" my vaginal walls began to swell, but now they are really soft, including the cervix. I took a test last friday and it came out with a faint positive, i took a test last night and there was a negative. My eating has kind of picked up, I eat a full course meal and with in like 2 hrs i feel as if im starving, and then its irritating to lay on my stomach at night, and when i wake up, my stomach occassionally drives me insane, and i feel sick. And then my lower abdomen feels slightly harder than normal some days then others its really hard. But I'm just pretty confused because I don't know if I may be pregnant or not, considering I took 2 test one result of + and -, they were both different types of brands also. And I believe the second test which was negative may not have given me a correct answer because my urine was diluted since I took it at night. Can somebody please help me out? I'm planning on making an apt for the doctors to get a blood test done.


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You could be pregnant. Spotting can actually be a sign of pregnancy. Its caused from the fertilized egg embedding itself into the uterus. It's typically known as implantation bleeding.



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