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what is in breast milk?


It's the ultimate super drink for babies! Seriously it is one of natures most nutritious form of food supplement. You name it - protein, vitamins carbo and fats that's great for a growing baby.


That is true what felicity said. It does not get there miraculously however. Not all of it. The vitamins from the mother's breast milk is directly related to how healthy the mother is during pregnancy and after. That is why it is essential that pregnant women be very healthy. The type and amount of vitamins in her breast milk is related to her intake of vitamins.


technically, whatever the mother eats gets stored in her body and her breast milk... so if the mom does not eat a balanced diet then, certain nutrients in the breast milk will be lacking too. so it would be safe to say that its contents vary from day to day.


wow really. i always thought it would be similar to cow's milk or something... well, that would be stupid since moms are not cows!!! hahaha!


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