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Want to get pregnant

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I want to get pregnant but am not in a relationship. Anybody know the what the criteria is for buying sperm from the sperm bank?


In my opinion, I think you should find a partner first before venturing into sperm donors and sperm banks...believe me girl, raising a child or kids while single is really hard, financially, physically and emotionally :)


Amen! Kids need two parents to provide balance and guidance. Buying sperm also has its own risk like risk for diseases that are not disclosed even if the donors are screened or hereditary diseases that you will not know because of inadequate history.


fist thing you should do is ask for your doctor to recommend a sperm bank. then do research on the sperm bank include their fees and charges. start shopping around and choose a donor.

most important: find a sperm bank with good reputation and talk to a rep personally or on the phone find one you are most comfortable with