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Can they tell with an ultrasound or sonogram if the baby is deformed?



Yep they can see deformities with ultrasound like cleft lip or club foot



they are fairly accurate in spotting deformities especially harelips.



There are 3D ultrasounds that really looks like they took a picture of your baby inside the womb! The detail is superb! LIke a black and white photograph! These should even be more accurate.



I saw my niece for the first time via 3d! very very cool!



the pictures are really lifelike!



the ultrasound does not only monitor the baby but the mom too. it can help with high risk pregnancies, and help identify patients at risk for: pre-eclampsia etc. it can also measure your baby accurately and predict a more accurate birth date!



Already had the ultrasound! it was so cool seeing my baby boy....but will have the 3D in two months or so!! very excited!



I remember this movie I saw. It was a comedy. Single late 30s woman wanted a baby so much but she couldn't bear a child due to something with a T-shaped uterus. So her final option was to have a surrogate mother.

And so she went to a company that offered this, said to be the best in her area. The surrogate mother was a scammer along with her live-in partner. Later into her 'supposed' pregnancy they give an ultrasound image of her 'baby' but was actually an edited image of a squirrel taken off the Ineternet. hahaha!

k sorry just wanted to share this. :D



the 3d ultra sound is a cool piece of technology...really life like so you can really see the details clearly! so it would be useful in spotting physical birth defects, etc



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