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Hi, so umm... Me and my husband where trying to have kids and i decided to just stop it because i guess it stresses out the body, so we stopped trying to have a kid and stopped worrying about it, but we where still having as much sex as normal. Last month my period was two weeks late and i wasnt bleeding like normal(heavy heavy heavy) instead it was extremely light and i was spotting. I was only spotting for less then five hours and it stops last week it did it again too. I was also getting short stomach pains, and a weird throbbing pain below my belly button and after that happened a weird little throbbing pain in my... Vag.. but it went away within three seconds, i noticed my breasts where starting to swell, and my stomach was acting weird, like getting butterfly feelings when im just sitting down or laying down. So i decided to take a pregnany test, i was the two positive lines come up, so i went into the bedroom to show him and we both watched one of the lines fade away. After i got off work i talked to my mom about it, and she said that she did the same exact things when she was pregnant with me... But i dont know for sure, and we dont have the money yet for blood tests all the time.


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